• Authentic Class of 2021 Kente Stoles.

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Handmade Authentic Custom Kente Graduation Stoles

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Our Authentic Kente Stoles

Whether you need your stole for a graduation ceremony or just want to look fabulous when you walk, our Kente stoles are sure to please. Because they are handwoven, they can be made for a custom fit.

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So happy I recieved my stole in time for graduation...I'm so happy with the quality, it's beautiful

Lauren H.

Fast Shipping!

I'm amazed at how fast my custom stole was shipped. Just in time for graaduation.

Ronald F.

Celebrate Your Heritage

The hard work is over. Now it's time to show your family and friends just how hard you truly worked. Our quality Kente Stoles are made in Africa and will last forever. Order today to get yours in time for graduation.

Why EthnicStoles.com

If you’re graduating from a large college or university, you may feel lost in the crowd of similarly-dressed students who are graduating with you. Many students choose to don stoles, leis, lanyards and other items to stand out and add some individuality to their dress, and a custom Kente stole is exactly the look that many graduates are searching for. A Kente stole can be a great statement of pride in one’s traditions and ethnicity. Kente cloth has been woven in Africa for centuries and was a symbolic cloth worn at times of great importance. If you or your graduating loved one are a member of a fraternity or sorority, you may need a stole for the modern-day tradition “donning of the Kente,” where the stoles are ceremonially presented to the sorority or fraternity’s graduates.

Shop Kente Graduation Stoles