Handmade Authentic Custom Kente Graduation Stoles

Are you or a loved one soon to graduate from college? Commemorate this significant achievement with any of our custom Kente graduation stoles. Handwoven by a master weaver in Ghana, our stoles are a wonderful addition to graduation regalia and are certain to make any graduate feel special on their big day.

The Perks of Kente Stoles

If you're graduating from a large college or university, you may feel lost in the crowd of similarly-dressed students who are graduating with you. Many students choose to don stoles, leis, lanyards and other items to stand out and add some individuality to their dress, and a custom Kente stole is exactly the look that many graduates are searching for.

A Kente stole can be a great statement of pride in one's traditions and ethnicity. Kente cloth has been woven in Africa for centuries and was a symbolic cloth worn at times of great importance.

If you or your graduating loved one are a member of a fraternity or sorority, you may need a stole for the modern-day tradition "donning of the Kente," where the stoles are ceremonially presented to the sorority or fraternity's graduates.

Our Custom Kente Stoles

Whether you need your stole for a graduation ceremony or just want to look fabulous when you walk, our Kente stoles are sure to please. Because they are handwoven, they can be made for a custom fit.

Each of our stoles also includes 10.5 inches of blank space on each side of the stole, so there is plenty of room to include a creative and unique message. You can choose to incorporate the graduate's name and date of graduation, a sorority or fraternity motto, or whatever you feel would best commemorate the day. You can also choose to leave the space blank and modify your stole with a unique design yourself.

If you want a unique, special look for a special graduation day, check out our products below. Kente Stoles will ship our products anywhere, so don't hesitate to order now.