Ethnic Kente Graduation Stole Class of 2021

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Your 2021 Kente Graduation Stole will be hand crafted and embroidered with the text that will read "Class of 2021" as shown in the the images. 

All items are in stock and ready to ship in time for fall/ winter graduation. 

  • GORGEOUS MULTI COLOR DESIGN! - Our African kente graduation stole features a bright, multi color design with rich Adinkra symbolism. This results in a beautiful kente sash which will make you the envy of all your friends. You will definitely look and feel amazing on your special day!

  • TOP QUALITY, BEAUTIFUL, HANDWOVEN AFRICAN ART! - Handwoven by skilled, master weavers who have spent many years perfecting their craft, this kente stole is made up of premium cotton and rayon. Even the King's Stool symbol is hand stitched with great attention to detail. This means you'll have the perfect keepsake which retains its vibrant colors and that luxurious, quality feel. This is great because you'll have a gorgeous heirloom that will last and hold special memories for years to come.

  • FLAWLESSLY SIZED! - Because our unisex kente stole measures 4.5 inches wide by 72 inches long, it will be the perfect fit for you whether you're tall or short, female or male. This is great because no matter what, you'll look beautiful and slay it on your special day! This is the perfect accent to your graduation robe!

  • UNIQUE, 100% AUTHENTIC! - Each kente cloth graduation sash is made in the home of kente, Bonwire, a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, West Africa. Master artisans from this town weave kente cloth for the powerful, royal Ashanti king in Ghana. Join this royalty and celebrate rich African culture by avoiding cheap knockoffs.

  • EMPOWER AFRICA! - Your purchase goes a long way by providing sustainable income to hundreds of talented workers that provide for their families in the 3rd world. Thank you for empowering hardworking Africans and celebrating rich African heritage.

The hard work is over. Now it's time to show your family and friends just how hard you truly worked.

Our quality Kente Stoles are made in Africa and will last forever.